Company Profile

The Economic Press Company, EPC, is one of the first commercial, privately owned family businesses in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

Established in 1954 at King Faisal Street, down town Amman, production started with small letterpress printing machines and a few skilled workers, printing general commercial forms for banks, offices and private companies. Three years later larger sized letterpress printing machines were imported for textbooks printing.

In 1968 EPC moved to its present premises and grew with the world's printing technology and Jordan's economy.
In 1980 the process of transforming from letterpress printing and mechanical typesetting to offset printing and computer typesetting started. Small and large format, single and multi colour offset printing machines were imported; computer typesetting, laser imaging, colour separation and full pre-press services were installed. The process of transformation was completed in 1989.

At the moment EPC employs over 50 skilled workers serving government ministries, banks, private companies, advertising agencies with top quality colour printing and finishing.

EPC imports its finest quality paper and materials.

Suhail Zomot